Cerca Trova


Cerca Trova: Italian.  Translation: Seek and you shall find.  

It was 2010 when our family traveled to Italy.  Armed with multiple travel guides, donning every under-garment money pouch on the market, instilling a family 'security' system (you watch 12 to 3, you watch 3 to 6, you watch 6 to 9, I'll watch 9 to 12 and we will travel in a circle), and a camera nicknamed 'Baby Bonds' around my neck, because I just had to have it, we were off on another adventure.  With wide eyes, we made (and ate) our way through Venice, Florence, Rome, and Tuscany - loving every minute of it.  

Upon our stop in Florence, a visit to the Salone dei Cinquecento - Hall of the Five Hundred, built in 1494, was first on our itinerary.  This massive hall includes many works from the greats - Leonardo da Vinci being highlighted on one long wall featuring his piece, 'The Battle of Anghiari'.  A tip from our family friend alerted us to breaking news within the art community - Da Vinci had written a phrase, a simple two words that would come to mean so much hundreds of years later... Cerca Trova.  Translation: Seek and You Shall Find.  Turns out that it is believed that beneath this massive fresco in the Hall of Five Hundred, lies an original Leonardo Da Vinci painting unseen by all.  We walked the length of the hall - back and forth, back and forth - and BOOM, baby bonds found it, Cerca Trova.  Two little words in one of hundreds of flags erected by one scene of the Florentine victory. 

So now, years later, with our pick-pocket-proofs in a drawer ready for the next adventure, we live by these two simple words - Cerca Trova.  We all have a passion for antiques, one-of-a-kind finds that have a story, as well as manufactured pieces that make a statement (must be genetic).  We have eyes in areas around Europe and America at different times throughout the year and will seek out any piece that you may be looking for.  Give us a jingle. +1.425.896.0445


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